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Robert Szymanek, PhD
Music Educator & Researcher

 Piano, Composition and Gamelan Tutor, London
Course Leader and Music Researcher at
The University of Manchester
Robert Szymanek - Royal Academy of Music
Robert Szymanek - Royal Holloway, University of London
Robert Szymanek - LSO Discovery
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"You have restored my faith and love in music. You have truly been an inspiration and a role model. I really valued the freedom you gave me in encouraging me to experiment, and you have shown me how to combine music and well-being. There is so much more I could say but this will have to do. It's difficult to convey how much it has meant."

- Ryan

"Your techniques and methods made piano enjoyable. You helped me find my passion again. I could barely play a bar without freaking out. Yet with your help I overcame this and so many struggles. I have been so fortunate to have you as my piano teacher. Words cannot express my appreciation. I can now see a future in music."

- Frances

"Dear Rob, Thank you so so so much for everything you've done for us. I have not just learnt about Gamelan but also a lot about life! Wellbeing! People! I've always looked forward to Fridays to hear your words of wisdom and think you're one of the most inspiring teachers I've had.


Thank you! Love."

- Eleanor

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Tuition & Coaching

Online & In-Person
Gamelan Workshops & Courses
Introducing Sundanese Gamelan
Traditional & Contemporary Music
Arrangements & Composition
Intercultural Musicking
Piano & Composition
Classical • Contemporary • Pop/Rock
Arrangement & Orchestration
Beginner to Professional
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Within all the work I do as a teacher, I keep three things in mind:


Ability, Variety, and Freedom in music.

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