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I am Course Leader in Sundanese Gamelan at The University of Manchester. Sundanese gamelan originates from the Province of West Java, Indonesia. After encountering it through the teaching of Simon Cook at Royal Holloway, University of London, it has become a life-long passion of mine. I have been very fortunate to learn and perform with a variety of Sundanese musicians and singers, both in the UK and in Indonesia.My gamelan teaching aims to explore the diversity of music for gamelan degung and gamelan saléndro in West Java. This includes degung klasik tunes from the early 20th century, jaipongan - a kind of martial arts-inspired music and dance originating in the 1960s - and contemporary compositions and arrangements of popular music. I also work to faciliate intercultural collaborations with musicians from outside Indonesia. Previous performances have brought together gamelan and kora from West Africa; oud from Morocco; and tango violin.

University of Manchester - Gamelan
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