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The natural world has always been important in my life and work.

I have been deeply moved - and paralysed - by the effects of climate change and mass extinction. For a long time, I was shy about my strong connection to nature, and my eco-anxiety, a term that doesn't really do justice to the full rollercoaster of emotions.

Now, I am part of a network many other professionals waking up, speaking out, and acting on behalf of our current and future world. I recently became a member of
Culture Declares Emergency, Climate Psychology Alliance, and Musicians For Climate Action. I am committed to using my work in music to help usher in change we need. Watch this space.

There is a pervasive disconnection to nature in the modern world that is so damaging. We need to heal and reconnect. We might not reach this goal entirely in my lifetime. But we can start at any time, set up the possibility, and help ensure this future for generations to come - of plants and animals, as well as people.

Remember how they built gothic cathedrals in the past? Over centuries. I may not see the finished tower, but I want to put in my stone.

Look at my 
music and art pages, and please contact me should you wish to collaborate. Let's work together.

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