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Team Building Through Music
Enhancing Creativity & Imagination
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Music Lessons Plus

- mindfulness coaching

- discussions

- behavioural experiments

Where’s thing going?
Who’s this for?
- keen amateurs
- high-net-worth people
- people in corporations
- one-to-one lessons
- company / organisation workshops

Mindfulness-based music tuition for personal & organisational transformation
Integration of mind and body through music

Through our lessons and your own practice,
you will acquire transferable skills to enhance:

- creativity
    - accessing flow states for optimal working
    - free-thinking; spontaneity
    - understanding how the creative mind works best
    - the process of making new connections and formulating new ideas
- self-management:
    - setting goals
    - time-management
    - resourcefulness
    - planning and strategy
    - overcoming obstacles / challenges
    - adaptability / flexibility
    - self-control, discipline, perseverance, determination
    - developing a positive outlook
    - recording achievements
- self-awareness
    - awareness of inhibiting / negative thought-patterns, and means to make changes
    - emotional self-awareness and regulation
    - mind-body relationships their usefulness in social and organisational environments
- social awareness
    - interpersonal interaction: presence, dialogue
    - verbal and non-verbal communication
    - social and organisational awareness / intelligence
    - empathy, social attunement
- self-confidence, well-being and happiness
    - sense of mental and physical freedom and ease
    - self-acceptance: strengths and weaknesses
- presence, being in the moment, mindfulness, present-minded
- tranquility, peace of mind
- balance, overall mental health and fitness
- sense of harmony in your personal and work life

… and reduce:
- stress
- frustration and anger
- lethargy or restlessness
- inhibiting / negative thought-patterns
- over-competitiveness, over-compensation
- worry and doubt
- performance anxiety
- inhibition
- creative blocks

Through working with yourself in this way, you can develop and improve key skills in company and relationship management:
    - leadership
    - social and business influence
    - conflict management
    - teamwork
    - coaching and mentoring

Lessons are a mixture of:
- technical instruction
- playing by ear
- note reading
- improvisation
- arranging and composing

Who’s it for:
- beginners wanting a new way to combine psychobabble with music twoddle
- immediate players wanting to find the next steps in their musical and personal development
- advanced players wanting to refine their playing and benefit from all the mindfulness

Styles included:
- contemporary
- classical
- pop & rock
- blues & jazz
- music theatre
- film music
- composition and arrangement

Other key words:
personal coach
personal development
performance coaching
Mindfulness-based music tuition
working with mind-body relationships that music practice brings attention to
I will point out how I see you working, responding in different situations
music practice as a microcosm of your psychology
transferable to work and personal environment
in touch with your best self, future self
non-traditional, not your usual music teacher
more than just a music lesson: life skills
be in the moment
unlock, undo
not like other performance coaches
on-hand support available by email and phone