Here is a selection of books and writings that I hope will inspire your music practise and ignite your enthusiasm and curiosity. They include work on music, the creative process at large or in other artistic domains, together with aspects of psychology, neuroscience, contemplation and well-being.
Barry Green - The Inner Game of
Orlanda Cook - Singing With Your Own Voi
Imi Lo - Emotional Sensitivity and Inten
Rollo May - The Courage to Create.jpg
J. Murphy McCaleb - Embodied Knowledge i
Daniel Levitin - This is Your Brain on M
Vanessa Cornett - The Mindful Musician.j
Beyond the Exam Factory.jpg
Anne Bogart - And Then You Act.jpg
Tara Brach - Radical Acceptance.jpg
Gerd Gigerenzer - Gut Feelings.jpg
David I. Rome - Your Body Knows the Answ
Christine Caldwell - Bodyfulness.jpg
Bessel Van Der Kolk - The Body Keeps the
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