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Performance Coaching

Alongisde piano tuition, I offer Schema Coaching for Musicians in one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

Schema Coaching is an innovative approach based on the principles of Schema Therapy, in which I have trained through
Schema Therapy Associates.

The goal of my own Schema Coaching work is to help musicians of all instruments, abilities and styles:

- learn about
core emotional needs and how meeting them supports our work as musicians
- nagivate and map out the
different parts of ourselves that appear in and around music-making: the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that pop up when we play and sing, and our responses to them that either benefit or impede our musicianship.
- cultivate approaches to music-making that lead to
more calm, focus and clear-headedness, a greater connection with the music, a freer sense of creativity, and, in turn, more feelings of success and happiness.
- work compassionately with all parts of our inner experience to help manage and
reduce music-related anxiety, performance nerves, stress, self-doubt, feelings of failure, fatigue and burnout.

Schema Coaching for Musicians blends talking about the client's music work
with practical exercises on their instrument or voice. Together, we explore how aspects such as thought patterns, senses, posture, movement, imagination and emotion arising with the music can be harnessed to benefit the client's musical mindset, establish greater wellbeing, and in turn lead to improved musical abilities.

Schema Coaching also utilises the working relationship and natural connection between coach and client to strengthen positive beliefs and perceptions about the musical self in the client. With a greater sense of inner strength and musical ability, the client can exprience benefits in many different areas: they can feel more safe and secure in themselves when they play, more confident to express themselves freely, or to make their own decisions and find solutions during practice. There can be more room for playfulness and spontaneity, the foundation of creativity. This improved sense of adventure, however, is neatly balanced within realistic timeframes and goals, and an improved sense of healthy focus and effort.

To help instill and reinforce positive thoughts, feelings and actions in music, my coaching also incorporates elements such as positive imagery and role plays, with influences from imagery rescripting and chairwork in Schema Therapy.


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