Robert Szymanek is an award-winning composer-performer, and renowned teacher of music. His extraordinary, globally-inspired, and future-facing music stems from his uniquely diverse background studying composition, ethnomusicology and performance, culminating in a PhD in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London. He continues to perform regularly, with recent performances including WOMAD 2019, and projects as an awarded member of LSO Discovery Soundhub. Robert released his debut album in 2017 under the moniker ok bertie!, with a follow-up due in 2020.  He is the recipient of the Charles Lucas Prize for Composition, a DBACE Award for Composition and Performance, and has been shortlisted for a British Composers Award.

As a teacher of music, Robert's liberating approach to music learning is borne of his broad vision of what music can be, together with his interest and training and practice in mindfulness. He is Course Leader of Ensemble Performance in Sundanese Gamelan at The University of Manchester. He has taught piano, voice and composition since 2005, working increasingly with advanced students, professionals, and corporations, for personal and organisational change.

Robert is also a sought-after writer on music and mindfulness practices. As well as his regular blog, he has also written for online platforms such as Sound and Music and Tricycle Magazine.