Music Tuition & Coaching

Online & In-Person

I offer One-to-One Sessions in Piano, Voice & Composition, and Workshops & Masterclasses in Performance Coaching and Gamelan.

I work with Music Students, Professionals and Keen Amateurs. Current and past students include well-known Recording Artists, Music Theatre performers, Actors, University-Level Students, Business Executives, Retirees, and Teenagers and Children, and anyone keen to explore their music-making in depth, all levels and abilities.

Lessons are taught online or in-person. It's very much a collaborative effort, and we will work together to create a path that suits your unique interests, qualities and potential. I have a broad professional and teaching experience, and have taught people from many different backgrounds and musical styles. See below for more details, or read more about My Approach.


My Performance Coaching sessions are a mixture of playing or singing, discussion, and mindfulness, somatic and meditative exercises integrated into your music-making. The aim here is to help you overcome music-related anxiety and creative blocks through the music itself, and help you achieve your potential as a musician. If you wish, you can have a mixture of tuition and coaching, as people often do.

My Workshops & Masterclasses are held at Universities, Schools and Colleges. As well as my Indonesian Gamelan classes and Undergraduate Course at the University of Manchester, I hold seminars and workshops in Performance & Composition with a special focus on Mindfulness Practices for Musicians and Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Self-Doubt, and Expressive-Inhibition.

Feel free to Contact me for more information or to arrange a free consultation.



Classical • Contemporary • Pop/Rock
Blues & Jazz
Arrangement & Composition
Contemporary Popular Voice
Jazz • Music Theatre
Rap & Spoken Word
Studio Work
Performance Technique
Classical • Pop/Rock • Jazz
Notation & Orchestration
LogicPro & Sibelius
Performance Coaching
Music-Related Anxiety
From Doubt to Self-Confidence
From Inhibition to Freedom
Mindfulness & Meditation

Workshops &


Universities & Music Colleges
Mindfulness for Practising Musicians
Overcoming Anxiety, Self-Doubt &
Meditation Workshops
Performance Coaching Masterclasses
How to Practice
Playing At Your Best
Dealing with Performance Nerves
Piano & Vocal Masterclasses
Gamelan Workshops
Composition Classes
Gamelan Workshops & Courses
Introducing Sundanese Gamelan
Traditional & Contemporary Music
Arrangements & Composition
Intercultural Musicking
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